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SVC Lixis


In order to continue improving our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, SEA Vision has developed a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 in its 2015 version. This norm is an international quality standard whose main objective is to guarantee that the processes generate results that meet the requirements of our different clients and are subjected to a regime of continuous improvement aimed at increase efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, it will help us travel a path that is destined to improve the experience of each of our clients.

What is the scope of our certification?

Design, develop, manufacture and provide after-sales service to automation equipment for for packaging and printing quality control and product traceability management in the pharmaceutical and related industries.

This means that our quality management system will regulate our projects from start to finish, from the gathering of needs to the activities carried out at the client’s site.

The framework for this development is quality policies, which revolve around our pillars:

· Innovation
· Flexibility
· Service
· Customer focus

The implementation process represented a breakthrough in the way SEA Vision conceived, executed and documented processes.

We are convinced that this will generate, in the short/medium term, perceptible benefits for our most important link, the customers.