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Pharmaceutical packaging control

SEA Vision equipment provides a wide variety of solutions for pharmaceutical packaging quality control. Developed according to the highest quality standards, they offer several advantages and tools to simplify your operation.

Blister control

Automatic inspection of all kinds of tablets and capsules in all types of blister packs.

OCR/OCV control and integral packaging control

Recognition of print quality and verification of codes and characters printed on pharma packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging control

Barcode control

Reliable, fast and accurate reading of a wide variety of 1D and 2D pharmaceutical codes.

Pinhole detector control in alu-alu blister

Automatic detection of pinholes and pores in blisters type aluminum-aluminum.

Control of active ingredients

NIR inspection system with hyperspectral camera on the line.

2D and 3D control of products on counting machines

2D and 3D inspection of oral solid products for vial filling machines.