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Participation in FCE and ExpoPack in June 2022

This month we participated in two important events of the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America: FCE Pharma and ExpoPack, held in São Paulo and Mexico City, respectively.

In common, both fairs demonstrated that the pharmaceutical segment faces several challenges and, to face them, it is more necessary than ever to have reliable partners who, first, listen to the needs of customers, and also have the technology and flexibility to develop customizable solutions. that combine a cost-benefit that allows these adaptations in the required time.

This was the concept we brought to FCE Pharma and ExpoPack: in addition to complete solutions for packaging quality control, track and trace and implementations for Industry 4.0, we wanted to prioritize our know-how, exemplified by our technical-commercial team, which allows us to be the best partner to understand the market demands and offer assertive responses.

If the market is challenging, SEA Vision is the best choice globally. And, in these two great events, we were able to verify it in practice, thanks to our clients presence and prestige.