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SEA Vision is a sponsor of Luisa Pasini, paralympic athlete

SEA Vision has officially signed a sponsorship for Luisa Pasini, Paralympic cycling excellence of Handbike. Category WH1 (athletes with the highest level of functional loss), Luisa is not only the winner of 5 Italian titles: from this year, she is also a member of the Italian National cycling team Paralympic – allowing her to participate in the World Cup championships in Ostend – Belgium), where she won two gold medals in the line race and time trial specialties. Now Luisa is preparing for the next 2022 appointments and hopes to be reconfirmed in the new Paralympic National team.

‍Her story is full of successes, achieved thanks to its desire to overcome limits through sport. Her personal slogan “sport is the best form of therapy” – intended as a therapeutic form for physical and psychological health and relational.

“Thanks to this opportunity (the handbike) my way of intending disability has changed” Luisa commented. “As an active and sporty person I was, the sport gave me a second opportunity to continue dreaming.” Luisa is a strong example of motivation and resilience, and that’s the main reason why SEA Vision decided to support the athlete’s competitive preparations and competitions.

‍Luigi Carrioli, President of SEA Vision Group, said: “We choose to support Luisa because we believe in sport as the greatest way to inspire people to never give up, going beyond what they think is impossible. The story of this athlete it’s full of challenges, that should inspire everybody to improve both professionally and personally in their everyday life.”